Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Welcome to Storyboard Girl!

(Behind the scenes in the studio of Storyboard Artist Elizabeth E. Schuch.)

As a storyboard artist with a theatre background, my work uses a unique, painterly style,  with dramatic influences.   Working in London, and on projects abroad, I specialize in creating concept art, storyboards, and inspiration for feature films, science &  historical documentaries for TV, and visuals for high-end VFX.

Using pen and ink, watercolour washes, realistic pencil, or digital colouring, I like to select the media that is right for each individual story.

On this blog you'll find styles, techniques, and inspiration, and my latest projects as they are released.
Thanks for stopping by!

BBC 2011 ' Inside the Human Body'
Phase VI Films, concept feature storyboard 'The Simulation
Triptych Films, concept feature storyboard, 'The Silk Road
Yellow Films, Portugal, feature storyboards 'Starcrossed'

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