Monday, 3 April 2006

Simple Shape Animation Challenge in Storyboards

Animation Short: 'Eat Moon' Storyboard
Ink storyboard for personal animation.

‘Eat Moon’ was a simple animation challenge:
To create a story, using only two basic 3D shapes as characters.

Inspired by the fantasy location of a painting I'd made: I picked a Sphere and a Pyramid for my shapes.  In the sequence, a small pyramid grows, grabs and eats   the bright moon, then is surrounded by a ring of other spiky pyramids as it dissolves into the ground.  Simple enough, there.

For the storyboards, I used a quick, sketchy style to emphasize the movement of the shapes and get the basic plot down.

Painting, Siberia, Acrylic on found wood. 2013 Elizabeth Schuch, Blue moody landscape painting.
Acrylic on found wood.

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