Thursday, 9 January 2014

TV Storyboards: Discovery Curiosity - Sun Storm

Solar Storm - Digital Storyboard Art

The Discovery Channel
Sun Storm
VFX by Prime Focus
Role: Storyboard Artist
All rights reserved, all artwork is property of The Discovery Channel and Prime Focus.

Blurring the lines where storyboards and concept art meet - these boards are some of my favorite I've done. I really enjoyed the challenge of the setting in space - a first for me, but I've been intrigued by astronomy and stars since I was very young.  The folks at Prime Focus have done beautiful work on the CGI in the final program.  The boards were used for planning CGI shots, and a mixed CGI/live shoot comp. I've used a mixture of digital painting, digital brushes and digital collage and  a tiny bit of rough 3D in the creation of the boards.

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