Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Style Test: Pencil Storyboards for Factual/Realistic TV

After several years of predominantly watercolour and ink based storyboards, I got the chance to test out a totally new approach to working.

For the Nutopia/Sky Atlantic factual series 'The British', we had the challenge of covering 2000 years of history across 7 episodes. To help the 3D artists accurately realise the extensive VFX sequences, a very realistic style of storyboard is needed.

I drew these sample tests to check how the pencil would look. After scanning, the tone is tinted blue, which reminds me of blue print copies we used to make of drafting.  It’s great for creating tone across landscapes.

Style Test: Pencil/Monochrome Storyboards
Naturalistic/realistic storyboard style in pencil, with digital colouring.
IMBD for 'The British'
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