Monday, 25 March 2013

What’s the first storyboard you ever drew?

My very first storyboard project: Equinox, Feature Film.

Coming from a theatrical design background, breaking down the fourth wall to create visuals any angle was a huge shift in perspective.
Some of these boards were used in an old-west style animatic sequence in the film.  The look is rough and expressionistic, with loose watercolour washes and scratchy ink.
The final image was the tattoo style crossed guns.

The film was shot primarily in a metal factory outside of Milwaukee.  As the production designer, too, I painted the walls in warm colours to evoke a hotel room in Arizona from the 1970’s.

Feature Film: 'Equinox' Storyboard
Independent feature film, US.
Pen and inkwash storyboards.
Production Designer, Animatic/Storyboard Artist
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