Mankind: the Story of All of Us, TV Series Coming Soon

This week on, an early glimpse appeared of Nutopia's  massive upcoming history series.

Built in parallel with their other ambitious history documentary 'Great Britain Our Story', I arrived late in the process to help out with storyboards for the CGI sequences during the edit.  The shear scale of the project is incredible, covering human existence and achievement across the planet.

Airing late in 2012.

Here's what the article said:

'In 2010, History and Nutopia collaborated on an epic retelling of the founding and evolution of the United States, America: The Story of Us. The miniseries boasted cinematic recreations, state of the art CGI, and an introduction to the first episode from none other than U.S. President Barack Obama. Unsurprisingly, the program became one of the network’s highest rated in its history. Now, A+E is presenting another Nutopia “megadoc” that’s even more ambitious in scale. Taking on the global history of civilization, ranging from the ancient Egyptians and the building of Stonehenge to the European Dark Ages and many points between, the series takes the original’s mix of CGI, re-enactment and factual insight and ups the ante.'
Partners: Nutopia for History
Airing: Q4 2012
Volume: 12 x 60 minutes