TV Storyboards: The British (Episodes 1-2) Ancient, Roman, Medieval

TV: 'The British'
Documentary TV Series by Nutopia
2012 on Sky
7 Episodes
Storyboard Artist

The British is an ambitious and gripping series about the history of the British Isles from Stonehenge to World War Two, the Roman occupation to the discovery of penicillin. This 7-part series will be both popular and important, working for a wide audience – young and older. It’s designed for everyone: content-rich enough to satisfy the most passionate history buffs and dramatically exciting for a generation used to feature films and computer games. This is a new approach to the story of Britain: energetic and bold, modern, inclusive and, above all, surprising. A new kind of landmark television: adventurous and pleasurable, and packed with astonishing facts and new ideas. With energetic drama and a lightness of touch it makes the past feel ultra-modern. Touching on crime and punishment, poverty, transport, fashion, housing, childhood, journalism, manners and morals, the series brings the danger, action, struggle, heroism and adrenaline of Britain’s history to life.

For '
The British', I created storyboards for CGI and live action sequences across the entire series in pencil with digital colouring.


Hadrian's Wall

Lindow Man


Roman Villas


Hill Forts

Roman Roads

Mineral Treasures


Kings Crowned



Cathedrals, Greenscreen

Scenic Concept - Cathedral Building