TV: Storyboard Art: 'Inside the Human Body' BBC

'Inside the Human Body'
TV Series, BBC1
4 Episodes

Series exploring the wonders of the human body. Using spectacular graphics based on real images and the latest scientific research, Michael Mosley takes viewers on a voyage through the workings of the inner human universe.

Producers: Alice Harper, Andrew Cohen

Directors: Nat Sharman, Rob Liddell, Annabel Gillings,Gideon Bradshaw

My job was to create the visuals and storyboards for the microscopic landscapes found at the cellular level inside the body, which were then crafted into spectacular CGI by Rushes, Jellyfish, And BDH.

This involved initial moodboards, concept paintings to find the look and colours of the series, and the day-to-day storyboarding in black/white or colour of the sequences to be made into CGI.

The storyboards and concept images were made by hand, using mostly ink and water-colour, occasionally with digital colouring.

*Inside the Human Body has received a nomination in the Digital Effects category in the RTS Craft & Design Awards 2010/2011

STORYBOARD ART from 'Inside the Human Body'